HR Management

HR Management

Our Human Resource Management Department carries out services relating to the Personnel Department and social security and labor obligations.

The team in this department is perfectly capable of applying, supporting, and clearing doubts about the strict and difficult Brazilian labor rights law, social security and union issues that involve employees, independent workers and trainees in the companies that make up our client portfolio.

The tax and social security treatment applied to the compensations granted to the Board of Directors are also included in the functions of this department.

Among other tasks, the HR Management Department has the following duties:

  • Registration of hired employees;
  • Calculation and preparation of labor contract termination documents for dismissed employees;
  • Preparation of payroll, directors’ compensations, fees charged by independent workers and trainee salaries;
  • Calculation of social charges;
  • Accompanying employees on compulsory attendance at Class Unions or the Labor Court (DRT) to ratify work contract terminations;
  • Calculation and compliance with collective bargaining and agreements as established by the corresponding Class Unions;
  • Preparation and submission of Labor and Social Security Requirements, as:
  • CAGED: General Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons;
  • RAIS: Annual Relation of Social Information;
  • DIRF: Withholding Tax Declaration;
  • Income and Tax Withholdings Return of employees, independent workers, trainees and partners.
  • Support Service in Labor and Social Security Inspections;
  • Issue of employee vacation control reports;
  • Trade Union Classification;
  • Follow-up and Communication of changes in Labor and Social Security Law;
  • Analysis of Social Charge retention on Rendered Services.
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