3rd Sector

Third Sector

The Third Sector has played an increasingly important role in the global scenery. In Brazil, that segment has experienced a strong growth, especially in the fields of research, health, social services, education, environment protection, citizenship and religious practices.

We believe that an accounting organization has a lot to offer to this segment, as its survival and success depends on responsible, strict, transparent and ethical management, that can only the achieved through a competent and safe consulting support on issues as accounting, tax, labor and social security.

As a result of tax disclaimers and exemptions, the entities that operate in the Third Sector are must comply with highly technical, complex and specific obligations and operate in a highly regulated environment. Nonobservance of certain norms and failure to comply with obligations may pose a risk to the entity and give rise to considerable penalties and loss of tax exemptions.

Our team is prepared to meet the accounting, tax, labor and social security requirements imposed on these entities, whether they are Civil Society Organizations of Public Interest (OSCIP), Associations or Foundations.