Commerce and Manufacture

Commerce and Manufacture

Both the commercial and industrial segments are subject to the complex regulations of Value Added Tax on Sales and Services (ICMS) and the Excise Tax (IPI). In Brazil, the tax rules that apply to this segment are subject to frequent changes and give rise to a number of accessory state and federal obligations.

Recently, in the state of São Paulo, as a wide array of products has become subject to a complex and laborious tax regime of Tax Replacement, companies were forced to seek advice from experts on the subject.

The technological innovation brought about by the tax administration and inspection agencies in those segments, has given rise to various electronic obligations as Fiscal Invoice (model 55), Digital Fiscal Bookkeeping- EFD (SPED Fiscal) and SINTEGRA, among others.

Thus, to keep pace with the speed of such changes and strictly comply with tax obligations imposed on these segments, companies need competent, experienced and updated consulting support.

Datamétodo relies of a well-trained team that is constantly updating itself to offer consulting support to our clients. We provide services to companies in the following fields; import, export, manufacture, wholesale trading, retail trading, restaurants and publishers, among others.