Founded in 1985, our organization operates in the areas of accounting, tax, personnel department, paralegal, audit and corporate consulting. By fulfilling the duties we have been entrusted with, focusing on innovation and being guided by ethical professional principles, we have gained credibility and trust of our external and internal clients.

At our own main office located in Brooklin, a privileged quarter of easy access by car or public transport in the south of the capital city of São Paulo, we rely on a highly qualified team of experts who constantly undergo a continued education process that is always supervised by our directors.

Our work methodology includes mapped operating procedures to ensure the quality level of the work processes. Since 2007, we have been certified by The PQEC (Quality Program for Accounting Companies) -- established by SESCON-SP (Union of Accounting Service Companies, Inspection, Information and Research in the state of São Paulo) – with the purpose of valuing accounting companies that are committed to quality and ethics.

Gestão contábil, tributária, departamento de pessoal, paralegal, auditoria e assessoria empresarial.Atuando no segmento desde 1985, nossa metodologia de trabalho incorpora procedimentos operacionais mapeados, o que garante alto padrão de qualidade nos processos de trabalho.

PQEC - Programa de Qualidade de Empresas Contábeis | SESCON-SP | 2011 | Certificado Through the services we offer, we provide our clients with excellence, security, professionalism, modernity and swiftness to support the growth and success of their business and allow them to focus their efforts on their own activities with serenity.

We always endeavor to provide proactive client care services, by orienting and alerting them to the need for preventive and corrective actions and to opportunities and tax advantages that may arise in the course of their business.

We constantly invest in technological tools to improve, control and quicken the execution of our services.