Be a Datamétodo Client


As you are already browsing our site, the quickest way to make your first contact is through page “Contato” (Contact), item "Solicitação de Serviços" (Service Request). On that page you should inform the services you are interested in and give us a few details of your operations for us to contact you. You can also request a visit by sending an e-mail to or calling us at: (11) 3895-2700 and (11) 5536-4640.


After your initial contact and relying on the basic company data you have supplied us (volume of operations), activity, corporate issues and other specific features of your business, we will write a detailed defined scope proposal for your consideration, aiming to fulfill all your requirements. After our proposal has been approved, we will draw a Professional Service Agreement, which we believe will be renewed each day in view of the quality of our services.

Which work model does Datamétodo adopt?

Our services are conducted in a departmentalized fashion, because each issue deserves treatment by specialized and experienced experts in their own field of activity. On becoming a Datamétodo’s client, a company is promptly informed the name, telephone number and e-mail address of each department head. Having that information, the client has a safe and efficient means of contact with our people who will always remain at his or her service to solve issues that relate to their corresponding departments.

Datamétodo also offers its “Portal do Cliente” (Client Portal) where it makes available tax and social charge payment forms, in addition to accounting, tax and labor reports for viewing and/or downloading by our clients in a swift and safe way.

I wish to replace the technical person in charge of my accounting.
How should I proceed?

Difficulty of access and sluggish service, uncertainty that your taxes are being correctly calculated and within the most advantageous tax regime for your company, a lack of preventive and punctual decision-making advice, and the absence of an in-depth knowledge of the segment in which a company operates are some of the reasons that may lead a businessman to contemplate a change of accountant.

We realized that the decision to change is not always an easy one. However, if you are convinced and wish to replace the person in charge of your accounting, we will handle the whole transferring process of technical accountability. Despite being a simple, quick and undisturbed procedure, it must follow some rules set forth by Resolution 1040, promulgated by the Regional Accounting Council – CRC of the state of São Paulo (CRC/SP) which, among other formalities, clearly states and warrants the final obligations of the former technical person, and the beginning of our accountabilities.

In that transition stage, we will check whether the delivered documentation is complete and, if needed, we will point out eventual omissions or faults in fulfilling the obligations. We will act with the required attention, promptness and ethics that such moment deserves to make the transfer process as light as possible for your company.